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February 10 2015

February 06 2015

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It never ends!

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January 02 2015

“[John Finnemore’s thank you speech after the Zurich recording]

John Finnemore had a thank-you speech prepared, to which he didn’t stick, and he got quite emotional:

“I have, eh, I have, all the funny things that I’d written that I was going to do, uh, telegrams from characters who couldn’t be here today, uhm, like Mr. Birling. Uhm. “Furious not to be there. Would have been furious if I had been there. Just generally furious!”

But… uhm… I’m not going to do any more, because I- I’m just overwhelmed, really, uh, it’s… this has been a huge part of my life, such astonishing fun, uhm, certainly this bit has been astonishingly, the writing not always so much. Uhm… But the recording, and the recordings, and see… and see what this show has gone out to do which ah… uh… I could never… ah, uhm… predicted or expected or, or, dreamt of in 2008 when it started and, y’know, wondered if we’d get second series, uhm and uh…

I just want to add my thanks to the astonishing cast who have been such a pleasure and a privilege to work with… and it… all that comes to your mind in terms of appreciation, but it really is a pleasure because it’s such fun, and a privilege … and because [laughs] my God, they’re amazing! (…) Every ounce of the laughter and to create these astonishingly believable characters… I, I, I mean all of them, and the special guests of whom, my God, what a selection tonight!

And uhm, of course to David Tyler, who is just the most extraordinary producer. He combines such, ah, y’know. Oh. He’s just so good in all the different parts of his job, he’s so creatively good, he’s so funny, he continues, keeps making the scripts better, his script editing is just superb, but his organisation and management of us all and me in particular is astonishingly and he’s also a good friend, and he’s been a pleasure to been working with for five years and I hope to carry on doing so, just as the rest of the cast, as long as they let me.

This has become terribly long… I shou- wouldn’t…I… but! I would just like to thank my parents. And my dad for his aviation expertise on every turn, every ATC piece goes through him. And… and… uhm, also to the people who have helped me when the writing has been very though, uhm, in particular Carrie and Marianne… and all of you guys! For queueing up for so long, and for liking the show. And… none of that was what I was planning to say when I came up, except for the Mr. Birling bit. And uhm that’s… that’s it. Thank you very much for coming!”

” —  As transcribed by mxdp, who was lucky enough to be at the recording as a production guest - thank you so much for writing this down for those of us who would never otherwise have had the chance to hear it.

December 26 2014

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December 23 2014

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December 22 2014

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